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Video concept

Hello, this is a whiteboard animation video, that I did for another company. If you like a "whiteboard animation" concept I can do something like this for your company. I'm ready to start working on your project, just give me more info. Please give some feedback. Thanks.

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  • prodigitalart
    • 6 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks for the feedback. I can do it in Italian but without a voiceover, only music. Also if you can provide me a voiceover so it can be with a voiceover (also I have 2 options for you how to provide Italian voiceover if needed: 1st option - I can do a voice over but not guarantee the best quality, 2nd option - I can find some italian freelancer, who can provide me a voiceover for your video). Please provide me some text in Italian for this video I want to see what I can do with it. Thanks.

    • 6 tahun yang lalu
  • Newventuresitaly
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 6 tahun yang lalu

    that can be an option. the only problem is that we have to have it in italian

    • 6 tahun yang lalu