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Hello Dear CH, I observed your description and contest closely. I have not designed your site yet that's why I am showing you a recent project's screenshot here in this entry. You can also visit the live site here = It has got more features than you need and super customizable. And obviously it will be faster than ever and responsive to any type of device. If you select me as the winner , I can redesign and re-develop your site. Actually I am a part of an agency called Digitosys. We have also sent you mail to . We can assure you the best service which is way better than you will get from here as we are a team of professionals with years of experience in similiar projects. We also provide POS (point of sale) and Android or IOS application. I hope you select me as the winner, only then we show you web designs and you select the best one so that we can start working on your project. Enable chat to discuss more. Don't miss out!

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