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Entry 01

I just finished another project and didn't had much time for the contest. However, if I nab this project, I can edit and clean this up further.

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  • MonologueMaster
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 2 bulan yang lalu

    Really love this, Shernan! The only reason we didn't award you as the winner is because another entry is closer to the overall look and feel we prefer. This film noir style is SUPER cool though and we'd love to have you work on one of our comics. I've sent you a chat message. Thanks again for your efforts! Pete

    • 2 bulan yang lalu
  • ShernanCMijares
    • 2 bulan yang lalu

    I made it sepia-toned to give it a bit of a somber look. The red hair is just to give it additional visual flair. I put in the white scrawls as a visual guide that what we are seeing are just Suzie's creation in her mind. If you look at the newspaper, it's actually flipped. I also interpreted the dialogue to be just inside her head as well and she didn't really made a scene.

    • 2 bulan yang lalu