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just png

this is PNG file preview of add, if you want any updation or want to see animation preview for GWD html-5 file, than contact me so I can send you a zip file for it,My skype username is , prem.rathor ,please feedback, thank you.

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  • searchclever
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    • 6 tahun yang lalu

    is it possible to see a png of the other three slides - please read the brief to make sure you follow all the instructions - the logo needs to be on every slide
    Thank you very much for your time and effort so far

    • 6 tahun yang lalu
    1. prems007
      • 6 tahun yang lalu

      this is 300x600 png as you wish,if you want other 3 (728 pixels x 90 Pixels, 300 pixels x 250 Pixels and 160 pixels x 600 Pixels) png preview ,than I will provide them ASAP,can you give me your logo file ? so I can put them on every slide,and change the ad color according to logo....thanx for feedback

      • 6 tahun yang lalu