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Animation sample I read the description of the project and it is great, I would be happy to work with you; here is the animation sample; you left written that it didn't have to be a great animation but if attractive, I made these samples mounted on top of a video I took from youtube so you had an idea of what it would look like. I must make it clear that the character of the animal can have more joints, better animation, even there you can add expressions for the parts where you interact reacting to what you do, I do not know if I can reach the time to make those animations before the contest ends, but all that can be added if you think it is necessary. I made the character design similar to the reference you uploaded, but we can work another design, with the same style or something different; you want to modify the kangaroo?, you can; because I see that you might want the most muscular kangaroo, or even have a female design and a male one; this sample is the basis.

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