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Promo Animation for MyPaathshaalaa

Hi Madam, I have submitted my entry. Let me describe my work concept. You are running an e-learning platform/website that offers some online courses to audiences. Due to that, I implement browser, laptop, and media player elements into the video, so audiences will know that this is an online courses. Since the website is for kids, so I decided to present the whole concept with a young and friendly cartoon. Also, I stick back to your company logo color: light green & orange as the main color theme in the video. I'm not sure if you are targeting Indian audiences or the global market, in the video, I use Indian people(Indian costumes) so that the audiences will feel more familiar with it. Also, I have put some words and descriptions, if you think that the video is too long, I can remove it. Anyway, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a message. Let me know your thought, I can further revise the video Thanks Yeong

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