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Here is my version, hope you like it, if you get interested it's not a problem to do some 3d views of it. Structural walls in kitchen and lounge can be replaced with columns, it's not a big problem so you will get more opened space. And wall between lounge and pool table room is meant to be about 1 meter high so it will just visually divide rooms but keep the space open with a lot of sun light. Pool table is just a suggestion depends on your hobbies, you can place the a grand piano or something you like. Upstairs the main change is the master bedroom with the separate dressing rooms and bathrooms, or there can be one big bathroom for both. also reposition the windows in bedroom so you will get space for big TV or projection screen in front of the bed. Master bedroom is separated from other bedroom so you will have enough privacy. As you can see I left some parts of the house unchanged so reconstruction will not become so too expensive. Hope you like it best regards Roman Yakhyaev

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