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This is an initial mock up involving your logo. If there is anything im missing of any idea you would like me to incorporate id be more than willing to help. Id like to add although my bit says im from pakistan, i am not, i do not know why it wont let me change it to the states. Regardless, i study typographical design at RISD and would be more than capable of helping you. I have been in graphic design for more than 8 years now and have completed many projects like this before in other places. Also, the text and placement can be easily edited, this is an idea that id be happy to evolve with your involvement.

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    Maybe changing my mind about the deer...Want something to appeal to men and women. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated since I'm not to sure of what exactly I'm wanting. These products were designed by two women, for women hunters. But recently launched a men's line. Any ideas????

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