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LinkedIn Banner

This are the following things I take into account as i do your banner, this are the ingredient for us to make your profile stand out. Stay on brand. It doesn’t make much sense to include an image o n your profile that is totally unrelated to your brand and what you do. Put important details front and center. Your LinkedIn profile banner image is the perfect place to let people know how to contact you. Include your email, phone number and website. That way, if potential clients want to get in touch they can do so without hassle. Keep it simple. It’s easy to accidentally pass hours playing around with templates, colors and designs to create your banner image. Don’t overdo it – including your business logo, contact details and minimal extra details will ensure the important information is there, without overwhelming your profile. Alignment is also important – your profile picture will land in the middle of the banner.

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    *Alignment is also important – your profile picture will land in the left of the banner.

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