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  • atikur2011
    • 8 tahun yang lalu

    Dear Contest Holder, I have received your private message about the correction I will make the correction as per your instruction and hope we can be in the same page pretty soon.Thanks

    • 8 tahun yang lalu
  • privatelogic
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 8 tahun yang lalu

    Please make the top option in #55 dark gray where it's black.
    Also, do a revised version of the 3rd one in #55 so that the "Cogni" is in blue and "Builders" is in dark gray.
    Please also show one of those with a sans serif font and maybe one other font. And one of them with an alternate blue.
    We are getting close. Looking good.
    If I select your work, will I be able to make adjustments once you're selected?

    • 8 tahun yang lalu