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Same (previous) blue colors with 5 new different Font styles for both lines.

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  • privatelogic
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    • 7 tahun yang lalu

    Looking really good. I've picked fonts but still want to look at some color options. Please do the following:
    - Use the main font on the 4th design down in #84 .
    - Use the font for the descriptor line that's on the 3rd design down in #84 .
    - With those fonts, use the graphic from #84 , but put "Cogni" in dark gray and "Builders" in the blue. Descriptor line in dark gray.
    - Take the chosen fonts, keeping the word "Cogni" in dark gray & the word "Builders" in a coordinating color and show it with the graphic color scheme from the 5th one down in #85 .
    - For the 3rd color choice, try using a blue more like in #51 , keeping similar tones throughout the graphic (similar to how #84 keeps the colors quit consistent).
    - For the 4th color choice, use a blue like in #51 , but show a bit more variation in color throughout the graphic (similar to how there are more colors in #85 than in #84 ).
    I hope this all makes sense. We are almost there. Thank you!

    • 7 tahun yang lalu