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CT 4 rev of entry #4

Alternate versions of hops. When I went single color, the hops was too much like a grape. *** Alternate versions of "Crafty Taps" *** Color palette options for hops using previously approved samples.

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  • TheVman
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    • 7 tahun yang lalu

    Excellent work kenbonilla!
    You're definitely on the right track...

    Re: Fonts - i'm liking the all lowers on #3, perhaps reduce the kerning a little between the words. Not to the point that it looks like 1 x word, but less than it is.

    Re: the hop - you're right about it looking like a bunch of grapes. I do like #1 but if its possible to have the top portion looser (like #2) and the lower portion leaves slightly more angular. Here's another image of a hop which might help (

    Re: hop colour - I like the combination you used on Row 2 - #5 & #6 (darker border, lighter fill - perhaps try a slightly darker border)

    Re: Glass - I like the lighter base (rather than the dark one). The head (top) of the glass/beer seems a little lost. Is it possible to perhaps have a thin border on the top of the glass/head to define it more?

    Keep up the great work and you'll be winning for sure!


    • 7 tahun yang lalu