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CT 5 rev of entry #13

F1) reduced space kerning 2) reduced all kerning 3) reduced all with bold 4) reduced space with bold 5) no space with bold *** A1-8) in pairs, different shading and color options, assymetrical hops *** B1-8) in pairs, different shading and color options, symmetrical hops. *** Shading and colors in A and B match each other. Added slight border to all glasses in A-B, as well as lightened base.

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  • TheVman
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    • 7 tahun yang lalu

    Hi kenbonilla,
    Thanks again for your entry.

    Fonts: I like F2 is the best, could we also please try running this on the vertical.

    Hops: I like the asymmetrical hops on A5-A8 the best - I think you've nailed it with that design!

    Tap: I like the bordered light/dark grey version on A4 and A8

    Glass: Apologies for being a pain, I know I asked for a border at the top of the glass, but in hind sight, this now makes the glass look a little empty. Could we please lose the border, and add a solid, filled rounded corner square in the BG behind the logo. This in-turn should highlight the white head (top) of the beer.

    At this stage, A8 is my favourite design, and I think with 1 or 2 more tweaks and we might have a winner.

    Could you please also try a couple of examples with the beer (and glass base) as a solid fills (rather than a gradients). I know it won't look as nice, but ideally i'd like the logo to look like a stamp, or symbol.

    Thanks again!

    • 7 tahun yang lalu