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Puerto Rico Law Review Logo Study 2

This is a variation of my previous entry, #16. This time, I made the balance scale more obvious. This logo design entry is composed of an icon and a wordmark. The icon is a line art and it is made from letters "P" and "R" (initials of Puerto Rico). I made flipped the P facing left and stand back to back with the R. Together, the PR was rotated counter-clockwise, and duplicated it, having a mirror image. With the two PR facing each other, the upper part of it forms a house that represents the company. The lower part of the two PR forms balance scale. Also, the "PR" also forms a gavel. Balance scale and gavel symbolizes law. For the word mark, I used a clean, classy yet modern typeface to complement the icon. Also, the icon (two PR) is a stand-alone logo. It has the essence of the company, brand colors and it can be applied into anything from print, mobile and web. It is also effective as a favicon or website address bar icon.

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