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Puerto Rico Law Review Logo Design 5

The symbol is a combination of PRPL (intials of Puerto Rico Law Review), and a triangle with a star (elements from Puerto Rican Flag). I made the initials (PR on the left and LR on right) the pillar or column of this company. While the roof is the triangle and star and it means that this law firm is under or from Puerto Rico.

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  • jethtorres
    • 5 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks for the rating! May I ask, what kind of logo do you want? Do you have any sample logos or style in mind? Or do you have any suggestions on how to improve my entries? Like for example, what color do you want or font style? I just thought that you have comments or suggestion on how to meet your expectations, since you've seen and rated many entries in this contest. Hope to hear from you so we can deliver and meet your desired design. Feel free to comment. Thank you so much! I'll keep doing and posting new entries here. Thanks!

    • 5 tahun yang lalu