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SAMSUTX Pre workout label designe v4

Here's my rendition of your idea, kept it in the same fashion. Wish to add/take off something? Please, feel free to ask and I'll get on it. Hope I've done enough to win you over, if not, hope we cross our paths again and work in the future! :)

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  • vdevasia
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    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    Peter you have not read my requirements properly.. we send you the color that we liked and the design as well as how we would like it.. And now the competition is almost at the end.. ;(

    • 1 tahun yang lalu
  • Erok031
    • 1 tahun yang lalu

    This is the one based on the file you sent me, personally i think this one really stands out in a good way from my other uploads. The second image should've been higher resolution one, but the website messed it up. Thanks!

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