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I made an EASY TO MANAGE Website Just for YOU

Greetings! I created a website using that anyone in your company can manage. I assumed that you wouldn't want to hire professional web designers just to keep your site up running or even to just edit your site. Now you can do all of these YOURSELF. The website can be found here: To edit your site, just log in to Click the sign in button at the top then click the orange SIGN IN WITH GOOGLE button. For your email enter Your password is indoorshooting. This will allow you to edit your site FREE. Just read the easy to learn tutorial to know how. You can also change the web address of your site using wix. The site is now more simpler yet more visually pleasing. I also made it in a way that would make it optimal for those viewing the site using their smart phones and tablets. Yes, that's right. You can now view the site using ANY GADGET. Enjoy! Contact me at

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