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Please check it and give me some valuable feedback and ratings. Also please check private message.

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  • sckavy
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    • 7 tahun yang lalu

    Nice work! I like it. I would like to see Material Selection dropdown as well. So there will be 4 dropdowns at the top. The red strip along the top, not so sure about that...I want to be able to see the logo better. I would use a different shade of red, just so we can see the outline of the area with the bolts in the corners. The white outline around About Us, not sure I like it. The dark grey background, let's make it black. Same as the footer area. The featured product description area doesn't look balanced. Center the description all the way across and move the price down so it's on the same line as the button. Increase the font to match the height of the buotton. For the footer, remove the newsletter and do a login area there instead. Hope this is not too much trouble... :-) Thanks for submitting.

    • 7 tahun yang lalu