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Design of logo for Rockport Communities LLC

La-dran Advertising (UGANDA) engages the following so as to get to a problem solution that normally is the answer to the clients' problems; Creative Conceptualisation of Ideas for Strategic Market Research Corporate Branding / Identiy development Overhaul Branding Advertising (develop concepts for Print, Radio and TV or Web) Strategic communicational material development Marketing General Design (including packaging) Printing (Digital / Off-set / Screen) We are suggesting / proposing that our firm is more than able to work and cover your needs that fall in the above mentioned activities thus requesting you to permit la-dran to put its capability to your serve by providing and producing your end of year promotional materials. The following are some of the items thought would give mileage if produced with deep insight and carningly conceptualised to retain and attract clients, while cementing the relationship between the client, employee, employeer and the business operations; Corporate

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