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Professional elegant design, please provide feedback

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    Thanks for your interest. Few points
    #1 . You can use copyright symbol
    #2 . If you can incorporate the address and contact details as a row at the bottom
    #3 , Instead of white on black can you use Dark color on light background - It is easier on eyes.
    #4 . The punchline on top is too big. I will put a logo, suggest a message ( a subtle but punchy ) to say we are introducing these products.
    #5 . SVB Surface fills up map areas ( you can chose a picture from the URL provided ) to represent it
    #6 . SVB Mapper puts pins on map or geocodes, you can use a picture from the link provided
    For #5 and #6 you can also represent these symbolically
    Look forward to seeing an amended one soon

    • 5 tahun yang lalu
    1. mattbalshaw
      • 5 tahun yang lalu

      Thank you for your feedback I will work on this and get the update to you asap.

      • 5 tahun yang lalu