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Greetings Also mailed you the same. To start with the description, have kept the layout clean, simple and direct.Based upon the brief, the layout incorporates your need of having wide panoramic images.The image changes as you browse across the tabs (banners) below the image.When displaying the image the corresponding banner is highlighted.Below comes the Video link which gets highlighted when your mouse pointer points to it.The video is very impressive and gives you a clear idea of your product and hence I have purposely separated the video link,so as to draw the attention of the viewer.Have tried to add a peppy tag line for the video (visible in the image shootrac9).The tag line is just a random idea and would be added only if you feel it right.Below the video link are the information tabs.Have incorporated the live support feature in the tabs, that appears in the right hand bottom corner of the existing website.Finally are the quotes.Minor changes can be discussed and done.

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