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Telescopic Straw Design by Sanka W

Flexible design which can be packed inside one case with the size of 15mm in diameter and 120mm in length. Each component, straw, case or brush anyone can be assembled fast. Assured food safety policy and designed without un cleanable dead ends. All the selected material were FDA certified. Top rubber will provide the comfortability to mouth lips while drinking. Seal ring rubber in between segments will minimize the required energy to suck the liquid by preventing air leakages. Moreover, it provides smooth extending and compressing moveability. The hem of the straw case will provide a better grip. Telescopic brush end piece can be fixed by tightening M4 threaded and nut pieces together. Once brush was fixed only it needs to replace due to wear off. If you are happy with my design please inbox to me for more details. I am really happy to share, and it is a pleasure for me. Best Regards, Sanka Wijekoon

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