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Dear contest holder. Here is a preview of the idea I have for your contest. *PS: the quality is really low so if you wish to see a better quality email me* I tried to make the design as original as I can while still respecting your needs. I made her half a mermaid half a skeleton, her bones are showing in different part of the body. Her hair is floating as if she just got out under the water, which I think would look cool on the boat. The end of the tail resembles a fish's tail but still with mermaid like characteristics. The character has round and sharp edges. Making the mermaid look sensual and badass as well. I would really appreciate it if you could give me feedback and tell me if you'd like me to change anything as I had worked hard to come up with this concept. If you approve of it, I'll move on to add colors and the name of your boat. I'm thinking about using gold color. I think that gold would look majestic in contrast to the color of the sea

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