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Visualization of Extrusion System in 3D

My take on the extrusion of the ingested mushroom mixture to a patty form. If selected changes will be made and material texture will be incorporated for final rendering.

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  • piyushkhaterbbsr
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    • 3 bulan yang lalu

    The process is as follows:‚Äč
    (1) The ingredients (mushroom, spices (also in paste form), and yeast paste) are mixed and blended into a homogeneous paste using a blender.
    (2) Then, they are fed into the hopper and extruded using a double screw extruder (what you have worked on).
    (3) Rectangular meat-looking blocks come out of the extruder.

    It will be great if you can include the 1st step of blending as well. Thanks!

    • 3 bulan yang lalu