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Professional Facebook Ads Marketing

Hi… I can understand your requirement. Coaching service is a very good business and the chances of success here are much higher. And this service needs to use the right techniques and methods to run Facebook ads. I will create targeted leads for you by creating Ads campaigns, promotion and marketing. 1.As a good marketer I always do marketing in the right way. I follow and work on all terms and conditions of social media platforms. Targeting any one country is marketing to the people of that country in the right way. 2. I think this is the biggest success if targeted lead collection can be done through marketing campaigns. My main purpose will be to satisfy you by marketing properly. 3. I have worked in Facebook marketing and promotion at a social media marketing agency in the past. There I created posts, arranged descriptions, and promote 5 millions audience.

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  • nicholaslee18
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    Hi and thank you for at least reading my ads post.
    I like your points 1 and 2. But point 3 is a bit confusing to me. Can you confirm which type of ads have you run? It looks like you have run other types of ads, not about getting registrations for webinars?

    • 2 bulan yang lalu