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The word 'blog along' is not only a play on the term 'jog along', making the name clever, unique and easy to remember, but it also refers to how the followers of the blog will not only be following this blog, but be blogging on their own as this blog will be teaching them how to blog. The 'blog along' term also works well as it gives the viewer a sense of personal connection and authenticity towards the brand as if they themselves are being taught one-on-one how to blog by the owner of the blog. This also extends the viewer's loyalty and brand equity as they feel as if the blogger truly cares about them and stand for their succession, again causing them to want to come back to the blog again, increasing views and popularity of the blog. I have included a tag line, which can of course be omitted, but is a phrase that not only refers to how the blogger is both teaching and reminding his viewers, but the fact that blogs are often written about memories or knowledge.

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