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Thank you for writing a detailed description and specifying what you want. It made the project much easier. Please tell me what you think about the work I submitted and what you would like me to add. I will research in depth and add more information by the deadline. Best of wishes to your YouTube career ^.^

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    Thank you for your entry (and for the well-wishes). I would prefer to have some more detail on follower growth rates and milestones but I understand that that's a matter of what's available. The way you presented your findings was easy to understand and very professional.

    If you can add anything else that would be great, but what you've done is very good as is. Don't get disheartened by the three-star rating for the entry, if this ends up being the entry chosen, it would be five-star worthy as far as rating your work on your profile. I'm trying to use stars on entries as a measuring stick for how much information has been covered.

    This is my first time setting up a contest so I'm a little all over the place with how to rate and respond to things /lh

    • 5 bulan yang lalu