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Bushveld Hunting Adventures 2

Revised design or alternative design for front and back folders, business card and banner

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                                     untuk                                         I need some Graphic Design for a brochure, presentation folder and banner

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  • bushveldhunting
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    Thank you for the upload. I do prefer the first folder idea you uploaded a bit better than this one but I have some ideas for it and will message through on that upload.

    I have now uploaded the silhouette to the brief so if you would like to use it for the banner or anything else please feel free.

    With the business card I like the way it is as uploaded so all I needed changed was the word accommodation because there was a spelling mistake and add the 3 logos to it.

    The banner I uploaded was exactly how I wanted it also but all I needed changed was the top picture of the old guy replaced by the one with the dad and 2 sons (1654.JPG) then where the bottom one is near the logos you've done put the warthog photo P7210253. Then have the facebook, youtube logo and skype logo somewhere where it looks good.

    Keep a look out for my message on the other upload.

    Thanks again for your input.

    • 8 tahun yang lalu