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Ancient Armenian Artifact

I'have 40+ images of ancient armenian artifact all drawn in vector file(.ai). These 3 are sample upload.hope you like it. Award me to get rest of the file. 1. Bronze statuette of a boy in Eastern dress...from mid-late 1st century B.C. (bronze). 2. Armenian Clerical Staff With Jade. An Armenian Clerical staff (6' tall, from the 1800s). 3. Pre-Urartu Armenia, 1800-900 BC. Two bronze bracelets. Each made of a single thick rounded wire. thank you.

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                                     untuk                                         I need some graphic design. Of ancient artifact photos to vecotor. You need to do research as well.

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  • rikh08
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    If you want to know something please ask.
    thank you.

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    1. rikh08
      • 5 tahun yang lalu

      if you want full color draw , i can do that..
      thank you

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