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Mid-century IKEA bunk bed transformation

Hello, this is my suggestion fo the transformation. I have kept the cost down and a have added some stained wood color walnut with solid color in dark gray or black. Some additions like iron made supports conclude the style. I hope you like it! Evie

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  • VividMgmt
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    This is along the lines the type of creativity I was hoping for. The modifications would not be too hard to do. And the elements of style of mid century modern definitely show up

    • 3 tahun yang lalu
    1. paraskevi
      • 3 tahun yang lalu

      Thank you for the rating! I like mid century style. It is elegant with nice woods and interesting color combinations.

      • 3 tahun yang lalu