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Kitchen Renovation

I mostly maintained the position of the Sink, Fridge, and Burner as their position is already optimal in the flow inside the kitchen. I opted for the island to be near the column and burner to hide the column and to be used when cooking. I also positioned the island on the right so that when someone is going in and out the door (on top) it wont obstruct the flow in the kitchen. To counter beside the burner is a bit smaller to accommodate the larger Fridge. The design is based mainly on the preferred color of grey and white. I have been playing with different materials from the white wood cabinet doors and grey granite countertop. Floors to match the existing floor in the dining room and to accent up with a slotted wood panel near the sink. i hope you like it. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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  • rkhouw
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    Haven't thought of this layout of the kitchen island. I like it!

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    1. rapz311
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