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Grey&White Transitional Kitchen

Small size kitchens usually cannot accommodate a lot of people and offer a limited workspace. By removing the wall as per your request, we added more counter space and storage options accommodated in island and pantry area. I would higly recommended sealing the door to hallway/living area as it give you potential of creating more storage, and also changing the flow of kitchen use and thus layout. By doing so, you are able to turn your perimeter of kitchen in an Ushape and have a dishwasher close to the sink. It also creates a perfect working triangle (sink-cooker-fridge).

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  • RenderStudio3D
    • 1 bulan yang lalu

    Hi! Good idea removing the door. Lets see if they like it so I can adapt my project to that. Also, there is a fixture on the left of the image that would not allow to put that cabinet on the left of the fridge, at least not that big. Really nice work!

    • 1 bulan yang lalu