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hello; The fastest way to get targeted Leads & Quick traffic is bulk email sending. i've got targeted 1.4 Billion email lists, More then 300 Million Business and Consumer Leads. but this is the best targeted list, i'm offering you. infect i'm also trading live at bforex and also selling my trading system plus video tutorials at my forex website! i can provide you these targeted lists for only $200; - A list of 350,000 Opt-In from "Forex Tradrs" category (Worldwide) - 360,000 Stocks Plus Forex leads with complete informtion (USA) More then 50% people also have Active Social Media Profiles. just send them once, and you'll get the result beyond your expectations. because all these are targeted and people need more information. you can also test them manually by uploading sample file to linkedln, facebook, twitter, myspace or other famous social websites. there should be some active profiles against these email addresses. after payments, i'll also give you 3 free bonus lists:

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