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Hi, this is my 2nd entry, with less detail, this is a vector format. Thank you.

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  • curtstan
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    • 3 tahun yang lalu

    We appreciate the work you have done! We have a few requests in regards to your new entry. The runner looks great and the zombies are good but we were impressed with the happier expression on the first zombie, showing he is gleeful in hunting the human. We would also like a single zombie please. We are looking to have the zombie engaged in the same activity as the human, hiding among them as part of the joke. We envision the zombie wearing "running attire" (sweatband on forehead and wrists) to further the joke. Also, the lower text should read: "You Could Be A Zombie Tomorrow" please. And we are looking for up to 4 colors for this image if you would be willing to add that to your submission. Could you also provide a clean background instead of the textured one that you have included. If you'd be willing to make these changes, we would appreciate it. Thanks again!

    • 3 tahun yang lalu