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Hello! I haven't used a coin of my own because I'm not a 3D Modeller sadly, and none of my 3D Modelling friends couldn't help me currently. Anyway, here's my entry. Made in Unity, Available for Android 4.4 'KitKat' and above. Can also make versions for Windows, macOS X, Linux, WebGL, and others (Excluding iOS because I need to own a macOS machine to do so). Can also tweak it if needed. I have around 3-4 years of experience with Unity (Mostly 2D) and C#. Here's the link to the app: I know the icon is a bit scuffed, but I think it'll do just as fine ? Good luck everyone!

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  • EliasValk
    • 3 bulan yang lalu

    The image displayed isn't a stock image ? I just misread something... The image is a screenshot from the actual, finished product. Sadly I couldn't fit sounds, but if you want, I might try to make something. (Only the coin isn't something I have made, properly credited in the product)

    • 3 bulan yang lalu