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Cool coin flipping app for Android

I would say it's cool because there is no main randomizer to define heads or tail. Check how it works: You tap on coin and following your effort it gets the speed and rotation - as it is in the real life. More you "charge" the left and right side bars - the more speed your coin gets, - then it is up to a chance on what extent you charged it to get the result. Charging level = duration of holding tap [0 .. 1 sec, could be adjusted]. Max charge gets extra random speed to obtain different results in such a case. I have not elaborated much on text messages - could be more variants and I would also add sounds of coin flip kick and bouncing on table, if you like. You could type BioClock on Google Play market to see also my app there for your reference.

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  • valonis
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    Bottom buttons to clean the statistics, win - lost result and change skin (bronze/ gold coin)

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