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These illustrations are children-friendly, ideally bellow 15 years of age. Here I am attaching an initial sketch of male and female versions of mage clan and a male from the tank warrior (?) clan. I tried to keep the "Clan" aspects of the male and female counterparts consistent, such as weapons, powers, few clothing items. The mage clan attacks with magic, which they produce from one hand, and defends themselves with the crystal ball which absorbs opponent attacks. They wear a lot of antique items such as rings, bracelets, ear-rings and necklaces that enhance their magical power. The tank warrior clan carries man-made weapons to attack, and uses a high-tech portable computer to calculate opponent weaknesses. I am also attaching another drawing of mine, done in this style - so you can have an understanding of what the final result will look like. I will ink the characters, and you can have vector versions of them. All the characters are custom made.

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