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logo design

I’ll create distinctive designs with timeless character and minimalist feeling that are always connected to your brand and your audience. If quality is what you are looking for, quality is what you pay for-- this gives your brand credibility. I will spend as much time as needed to create the perfect logo for your brand. This is a Superior Quality / Time-Intensive Gig. This service starts with me creating 1-2 different (depending on your package), unique logo concepts for you. After you choose the one you like the best, we mutually develop it until we get the perfect logo. Deliverables include all standard file formats and versions for different backgrounds and layouts, copyright, 3D mockup and colour codes. Once the logo is created, I will develop your stationery, branding guidelines (extra), etc to unify your brand. My approach to every single project is unique, creative and professional. I look forward to creating a unique identity for you.

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