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Package Design

I hope you will like this design and I'm looking forward for your feedback. Your feedback will help me to make it more appropriate and your feedback is more valued for me to work with you in future. Thank you very much for being with me.

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  • purchasingjc
    Penganjur Peraduan
    • 5 bulan yang lalu

    Can you swap out the two blue & White fitler picture and move that to where the 2 blue/white filter and 4 black filter picture is and vice versa? Need the 2 filters and 4 black filters on the front of the box. Also, keep all of the round green and white images of what the filter removes, all on one side and don't break them up, they need to be on the back side. On the Carbon Booster Pre-filter side, youc an place the other image of the files I provided of the 4 black carbon filters

    • 5 bulan yang lalu
    1. aatir2
      • 5 bulan yang lalu

      Thanks for the feedback, Plz check my entry #10

      • 5 bulan yang lalu