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Hi there.. this is my second entry. I'm looking for your comment :) Regards

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                                     untuk                                         Placemat Designs for Two Different Brands And Concept

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  • wennypus8210
    • 6 tahun yang lalu

    Ok, thank you for your feedback, I'm trying to fix the both of the placemat.. :)

    • 6 tahun yang lalu
  • hazerburakkoc
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    • 6 tahun yang lalu

    I did not like the Coffee HUB one but, SULU looks OK, let's remove the cherry and tea pot, and tea bag it does not make any sense for this concept, it looks ok but first one was better :s whats wrong with this ? What do you think ? You can make the larger items smaller it stands out a lot all i see is lemon here not sulu logo :S

    • 6 tahun yang lalu