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Demo is based on lightweight mobile theme and is only a sample, the graphics will get crispier in the actual project along with other details on trademark rules. We understand this is a task that can be done by many individuals. By giving us your project it would mean you are contributing greatly in helping and individual / team to earn his / their bread more than it would help us get a client or someone looking to earn more money. We at Offline HR are focussed towards CSR by giving employment to the unemployed or underprivileged to search for one themselves. Be it someone who has stopped working for their children's need, been removed from job due to recession, had to loose job after getting handicapped etc. We will make sure that if one of our member who is working on your project is not able to make it midway, completion is ensured as there is always a backup and hence your project will not get impacted. Thanks Offline HR Team

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