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Almonds and macaroons (amaretti) semifreddo

Ingredients for 6 serving: 250 ml fresh cream, 100 grams almonds, 70 grams of icing sugar, 80 gr sugar, 2 eggs, 30 g macaroons, 100-120 grams of dark chocolate. Preparation: Chop the almonds finely with mixer. Chop macaroons with mixer. beat the egg whites until stiff and put it in the refrigerator. Whip the cream with the sugar icing. Put it in the refrigerator. Finally fit the egg yolks with sugar added gradually. Pour the cream over the egg yolks, then the almonds and finally the macaroons, stirring with a spatula from the bottom upwards. add the egg whites, stirring again until they are blended. Pour into molds. Put it in the freezer a few hours, preferably overnight. Pull out of the freezer a bit 'before serving. Turn the semifreddo on a plate and remove the mold. Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave. Pour over the melted chocolate and macaroons crumble.

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