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45 Second Promo - stomp - atplGS

Hello there, I am Hari Prasath from India. I am a certified Google Ads Video Creator. I completed your project with every frame tailor-made for you. The pictures I've used in this video are all copyright free handpicked for this promo from pixabay and the music is included below which is also free. I can also replace the photos with stock footage but, it would be cut to cut and too tight considering the time frame. So, I ended up using the stock photos and spent a lot of time picking them and trying them out. This is just a preview video. I can correct it if you want. It's 1080p Full HD @60 fps. I created this promo just for you and there is no premade template used here. I've spent hours on this promo and made it graspable for the audience, I've put much Hardwork on it. You can also buy it at a reasonable price. I hope this project would please you and me too. Thank you for providing the opportunity to edit your promo. Kudos to You.

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    At least this is eligible for a runner up I hope. Thanks.

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