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The fix :)

I will be giving you some bonus tips;) As you can see in the uploaded images the code you need is highlighted by the red elipse. The "span" tag lets you select the specific element you need to edit(as in this case the "Us" word) by adding attributes to it such as "color, width, height, etc...". By adding the "style" attribute you can edit the element just as you would the in the CSS part of the page. How cool is that? B-). I would advise you to edit your element in the CSS of the page or to open the "style" tag in the "head" of the code and add h2(or specific id/class given to the "h2") { color: #c2d995; }, unless it's a small edit, as in this case. That is all you need to add/change to you code B-) *NOTE: the ' style="color: white; background-color: black;" ' in the first part of the "h2" tag is just for illustration P.S. I hope this helped and if you have more questions please ask me:)

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    If the "About" word color isn't right you could simply add "color: white" as you can see in the image

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