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brochure Design from an article

Hi! I finished the design after long time research about your company then try to make something. I think this is a simple design that your business client should attractive on this or they can read easily. Because I have used very professional color and easy professional fonts. also, I think that your total 3 document texts on at least 24 pages Brochure where I have made just for 14 pages only. Or this can be done into 20 pages if you think. If you like my work, Please Feedback and provide your concept about it. Your some tips may help me to make the perfect design for your business. Best Regards Shah Alam

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  • Mitchell29
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    Please see the Entry No #89 that is your web branding color and full of 24 pages with your all information's. Thank you

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    1. noorulaminnoor
      • 1 bulan yang lalu

      bai apner eid er din

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