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How long would you like to run your contest? With a five years experience of UI & UX Designing and educational background on Computer Science and Engineering, I am now an expert professional on UI & UX Designing. Not only that I have worked for other company but I myself have also a website based on web programming and web developing of my own. I have a great passion on designing and always love to create a new design. Thus now I am highly skilled, enthusiastic, self- motivated UI & UX Designer able to do any kinds of designing on upwork. Still I always seek for source to learn a new thing related to my work. I am a successful UI & UX Designer with a booming past record. My efficiency is also on the following areas that are totally necessary to be an appropriate web designer. Web Programming Web Developing Graphic Side of Web Design HTML, CSS, Java, PHP and more Adobe Creative Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver UI development for Mobile Applications User Interface

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