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Hi! I changed the uniform so it looks unisex. Please, let me know any change I could do to improve their designs. Also, note that this is only a sketch, the finished version will have way polished lin earts and shanding. I hope you like it!

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                                     untuk                                         We need the best\cutest\funnest Chibi character art for a children's cartoon based on mythological characters in modern day.

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  • mobiasanes
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    • 4 bulan yang lalu

    These are excellent, but the contest closes in 2 hours and 15 minutes (7:30 PM Eastern Time). If you have any adjustments, make them soon.

    • 4 bulan yang lalu
    1. sharu214
      • 4 bulan yang lalu

      If you have any idea of your preference to improve the designs just tell me. About the "finished part" what I tried to say is that in case I win, I'll take the price only after I send all the finished designs. I say this because I had never enough time to make a finished design for these contests X.x

      • 4 bulan yang lalu