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I am able to scrape two cols with python

Hi I have completed read your description and understand what exactly you are looking for. I am able to extract 20 mentioned databases with python and I will give proof with screenshots for each database. I am an expert in scraping with python and have done many projects. I am able to scrape dynamic as well static sties. I am also able to bypass any restriction by servers such as captcha and IP blocking. I have scraped database one and you can look attached screenshots for verification that I have scraped it. This is the link where you can see excel with the required two columns. I would like to be paid for data base one by one. This means I will start to scrape mentioned two databases and you will pay and then next ..... and so on. This is bid for first two database and first one I have done. If there are any more listings on first you can let me. Thanks

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