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Dear Sir/Madam, At the outset of my proposal, except my greetings. I deem it my privilege to be able to introduce myself to you. My name is Md. Rakib Ahmed. I have achieved highest grade in almost every examination in my life. My field of study is theoretical physics. I am from a science background, but I have good authority over the English language with a score 8 in IELTS with a band of 8.5 in writing. I am experienced in article writing and I have confidence in my ability to serve your writing needs. I can assure you about the quality and accuracy of my work. The contest you have posted is unclear. As I believe in quality, I figure it is better start processing with details before handing over the contest prize to me. As a proof of my skill, I request to go to this link. My USERNAME anom21. I am eagerly waiting for your response. Thanks for your time and attention. Yours truly Md. Rakib Ahmed.

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