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Hey guys,

We're making an Alien Comedy Sketch.

First off there might be possible multiple winners for this contest.
If you want to keep your entry hidden from other participants you can send it to me directly in a message and just post an entry letting me know. I will not use your material without paying you for it and I also would like to credit you in the story later also if that is okay with you.

I am ultimately needing a short story (screenplay format if able, or best attempt).
Word count 2,000-6,000. Might be 15 minutes of Comedy animated short movie.
However if you just want to present some shorter scenes that you feel like you have good ideas for then that is fine also and maybe we can work out a price just for those as a partial winner when it's over.

It would be an ALIEN movie Parody based on the original movie from 1979 with Sigorney Weaver. You will need a copy of the movie to use it for reference while writing to be able to make jokes about certain scenes, etc. The more we can directly make fun of the better.
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We want to keep very much of the same scenes but we will be changing the basic idea/plot of the movie. Instead of the Alien killing the people because he is bad he will actually just be a misunderstood alien that is really just wanting to be friends with the humans but they can not understand his language so he sounds scary to them.

So he will be talking normal like a human for audience to hear. But to the crew he will sound like an alien.

We want to change some of the death scenes to fit our Comedy. They can should be more accidental caused by poor safety conditions on the ship or freak accidents somehow which could be combined with the excitement of trying to get away from the alien. They might trip on water, or fall into an exposed electrical panel, or choke on something, etc. We will want to make fun of as many things as we can.

Needs to include funny names for everything. funny Ship name, mission, crew names and brief descriptions of their personalities and/or quirks. All need to be funny and/or making fun of the ones found in the alien movie. We do not want or need much or any description of the scenery as we will be following most of the same setting,shots,and scenes from the movie and just changing the lines of the characters to adapt this to a comedy script.
You can add some new funny scenes in between other original scenes. We want to spend time writing new content. If you have a funny idea that you want to add or modify from the scenes in the movie i definitely want those and welcome as many funny ideas as possible! Again we wont be changing the overall look of the movie...mostly just lines or adding new scenes. Characters will look roughly the same. We are just changing lines to be funny, as if the script was written to be a comedy. Plus adding anything else that is funny that we can come up with. This will be a condensed version of the movie. This allows us to be able to use only the really funny material. So this would not really be a full script in the normal sense. This would mostly just be an outline for the changes to the original movie that we are making for the scenes we want in our movie.

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  • DepartmentS
    • 2 bulan yang lalu

    So - what are you actually looking for here: sketch/scene idea's or a wholly developed script? If it's the former - sketch/scene idea's - are we looking at the option multiple entry purchases here or are you seriously expecting the whole thing scripted for just $30 before brokerage..?

    Basically what I'm trying to understand is - if any of us are genuinely capable of actually delivering a script that gives you everything you're asking for and is actually funny in the bargain - can you run by me please why it is we are selling that work to you for literally next-to-bugger-all - I don't understand why anyone capable of delivering is going to do that.

    Not at this price. #increaseprize

    • 2 bulan yang lalu
    1. DepartmentS
      • 1 bulan yang lalu

      You have to try these things out, only way to find out. Like I suggested though - for your actual project, just concentrate on developing 1 good scene, take that into production and see what kind of response you get from that. Believe me a 10 -15 minute short is a black-hole waiting to suck your pockets dry trying to get right. Plus, at the end of the day - most people haven't the patience for sitting through more than 3 minutes of anything they didn't pay good money to sit down and watch - so keep your options cost effective and manageable. One good short scene, well animated and produced will stick in the mind and carry word further than too much of not-that-great to begin with. Anyway - all the best to you and your project. M : )

      • 1 bulan yang lalu
    2. emremark
      • 4 hari yang lalu

      This conversation was such a fun read, someone ought to make a script out of it. Mark for President! :)

      • 4 hari yang lalu
    • 6 hari yang lalu

    Be warned, for such a low price, people cobble together preexisting copy-written material. #increaseprize

    • 6 hari yang lalu
  • loveisapolaroid
    • 2 bulan yang lalu

    How long you need the script? (number of pages/words).

    • 2 bulan yang lalu
    1. DepartmentS
      • 2 bulan yang lalu

      As the brief says, Rodrigo - first line - "word count maybe 2,000- 6,000 estimated. Might be 10-15 minutes" - for the full length script you're looking at around a page per minute screen-time, so that's between 10-15 pages all in. Useful?

      • 2 bulan yang lalu

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